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Dear patients,

We are confident that each of you would like to have information about the prices we practice at Clinica Rotar. Therefore, we will try to provide, within the final website, a list of the costs of the most important procedures performed during dental treatments.

However, the multidisciplinary, personalized dentistry we practice is difficult to assess solely on a website page. Costs are not only dependent on treatment needs but also on the multiple options available to patients regarding the methods and materials used, which are constantly evolving.

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Treatment needs can vary from simple to complex, and this level of complexity can only be determined after a detailed clinical and imaging analysis of the case. This analysis involves an initial consultation, the cost of which ranges from 150 to 300 lei, followed by a documentation session (photos, impressions, imaging investigations, scanning), which is assessed at 600-700 lei. Following these two sessions mentioned above, the treatment plan is developed, which is always accompanied by an estimated evaluation of the costs involved. The treatment plan, along with the estimated evaluation, is made available to the patient for consultation.

Discussions based on the treatment plan and options regarding the methods and materials that can be used will take place in an informal atmosphere, in the auxiliary spaces of the dental office. At the end of these discussions, the patient will have information about the physical and material efforts they need to undertake to address the issues, as far as possible to evaluate at the beginning.

If you opt for a picturesque description, you can liken a complex dental treatment to the renovation and rehabilitation of an old building. The design stages will only consider the visible reality before the start of construction. The execution will also depend on a series of needs apparent only at the time of commencement and during the execution of the works. And the level of complexity and finishing of the final work will always be dictated not only by the initial desires of the beneficiary but also by the needs discovered along the way.

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We can assure you that, through our philosophy which has guided us over the past 30 years, we do not wish to cause any unpleasant surprises and to obtain revenues that are not covered by the dedication and medical quality of which we are capable.

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