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Patient Facilities

Design special și atmosferă relaxantă

Clinica Rotar, by intention and vocation, is a place where medical excellence harmoniously blends with the desire to offer patients a unique sensory experience. The quality of the doctors and the state-of-the-art technology with which the clinic is equipped materialize in premium medical services, carried out in a comfortable space with tasteful decorations that invite reflection and artistic contemplation.

Art and painting exhibitions

Clinica Rotar hosts works of art distinguished by elegance and refinement, stimulating the imagination and the beauty within the viewer's soul. Beyond creating a pleasant and soothing ambiance, the display of these artworks promotes both established and emerging Romanian artists who have distinguished themselves in the local landscape due to their genuine artistic talent.

Situated at the confluence of art and science, dentistry, as a medical branch, represents the merging of professional excellence with a propensity for aesthetics, an aspect that we aim to cultivate both institutionally and through an artistic interaction with our patients.

By hosting these works of art, Clinica Rotar aspires to be a cultural hub, a space that brings together patients and art lovers alike in a warm and friendly atmosphere to share impressions and support talented artists.

3.Branding auditiv.jpg

Visual, auditory, and olfactory branding.

Because a brand is made up of sensations, senses, and memorable images, the identity of Clinica Rotar is revealed through multiple sensory channels. Smell has a strong impact on mood, from evoking memories and deep emotions to reducing stress and anxiety. We chose the gentle scent of Pink Grapefruit, with the well-being of our patients in mind. The visual and olfactory ambiance is complemented by the auditory one because this is also a factor that contributes to the satisfaction of our patients. Once you step inside, you experience a synesthetic experience - part of which is the sonic branding. It is carefully composed of playlists featuring songs by famous artists. Let's hear from each other... well! :)

HD suspended TVs and noise-canceling headphones in the clinics.

Reducing a child's anxiety related to novelty can be achieved by creating an attractive and interesting environment in the dental office. Thus, the presence of a television turns the dental experience into something enjoyable, especially since watching cartoons is a common habit at home.

For patients who experience anxiety related to sounds, headphones are a very important element. Music, cartoons, or movies listened to through headphones block out the sounds of dental equipment and distract the patient from less pleasant things. Music therapy is a form of psychotherapy or re-education, serving as a means of communication or relationship building.

foto statie de incarcare.jpeg

Broadband Wi-Fi and charging stations for communication devices.

We know that our patients want to stay connected with their loved ones even when they are... with their mouths open! :)

 ,,A place to brush your teeth’’

A dedicated area equipped with all the necessary tools for proper teeth cleaning, where patients can perform dental brushing before dental treatments. Through this initiative, we aim to educate our patients and create comfort and dignity in the medical procedure.

loc de dat cu periuta.jpeg
7.stand prod igiena dentara.jpg

Display stand for dental hygiene products

We have set up a space where patients can purchase professional products recommended by our doctors, which are not available in pharmacies or retail stores. The reception staff is trained to answer all questions related to the products on display.

Educational Impact: Stands with brochures on medical and cultural topics

Educating patients about oral health through dozens of informative leaflets and brochures created by our doctors, aiming to raise awareness about oral health needs and importance, as well as the necessity of maintaining oral health once achieved with significant efforts. This way, major interventions and physical, financial, or time-related efforts won't be required in their lives.

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