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Raul Ghiurca

Specialist in Dento-Alveolar Surgery (Cluj-Napoca, 2022)

Faculty of Dental Medicine (UMF "Iuliu Hațieganu" Cluj-Napoca, 2018), Specialization in Dento-Alveolar Surgery (Cluj-Napoca, 2022)

Dr. Raul Ghiurca - Specialist in Dento-Alveolar Surgery.jpeg


I couldn't function without passions, fortunately, I have quite a few. I've been playing drums since my teenage years, being a founding member of two active rock bands. When I'm not on stage, you can definitely find me by the side of a fishing lake, together with my fishing club partners. And when there's an occasional free weekend left, I prefer to photograph nature.

Clinical Experience

I started clinical practice in the private sector immediately after completing my degree (2018), and with the residency program (2020), I also practice in the hospital environment. Over the years, I have developed a passion for the field of restorative dentistry and dentoalveolar surgery, along with their related aspects. Since 2019, I have successfully incorporated digital occlusal analysis (T-Scan) into my practice.

Personal Thoughts

The field of dentistry is undergoing continuous transformation, with major trends overshadowing purely medical aspects. I exhibit a degree of caution regarding anything that might contaminate the profession with superficial elements. I have always guided my career in a vertical manner, without compromises. I believe that our daily goal should be to offer patients an assumed, high-quality medical act.

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