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Vlad Andrei

Specialist in Periodontology, PhD doctor at UMF Cluj-Napoca.

The Faculty of Dental Medicine (UMF 'Iuliu Hațieganu' Cluj-Napoca, 2017), Specialization in Periodontology (Cluj-Napoca, 2020);

Dr. Vlad Andrei - Specialist in Periodontology.jpg


I've always appreciated music in most of its forms. As an artistic expression, I value the versatility, power, and impact that music can have. This drives me to listen and sing, to create music, and to collect albums. I enjoy living life in rock 'n' roll, both personally and professionally. #rocknrolldentistry

Clinical Experience

After graduating from university, I gained experience in performing various dental treatments, and during my specialization, I gained experience in treating periodontal disease, periodontal surgery, and the multidisciplinary treatment of this pathology.

Personal Thoughts

The development of professionals in medicine cannot solely focus on the accumulation and application of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. This development largely relies on personal experiences, the development of parallel and tangential skills to medicine, an appreciation for art, and culture.

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