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Smile just as you are

"Clinica Rotar" represents the third generation in the series of private dental institutions developed in Cluj-Napoca. The professional team led by Prof. Dr. Horațiu Rotar and Dr. Diana Rotar offers personalized dental services, with stable long-term results, aimed at enhancing the quality of life.


The elegant and simple aesthetics of the building add value and a new identity to the urban landscape. The attention to detail and refinement of the interior design, given by exclusively natural stone and wood finishes, reflect the principle of quality, which is evident throughout the clinic's approach, both in terms of the built environment and medical practice.


The medical activity takes place in a new building located in the center of Cluj-Napoca Municipality.


The news within the clinic can be directed on several fronts. They will encompass multiple factors that will operate in a constant and long-term synergy.


Digital technology certainly represents the present and future of dentistry.

Tradition and Identity

We are a team of specialist dentists in various branches of dentistry who share the common goal of providing high-quality, diverse, and long-term robust treatments. We share the philosophy of our predecessors regarding the medical value of dentistry, an integral part of human well-being.

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