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Endodontics is a specialty of conservative dentistry that deals with root canal treatment of an affected tooth, with the aim of keeping it functional in the arch. Today, with the use of CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography) for diagnosis and the use of magnifying loupes or a dental microscope in endodontic treatments, the success and precision are higher.

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Dr. Elvira Balaj and Dr. Sabina Hreapcă are our specialists in microscopic endodontics and conservative dentistry. Their priority is tooth preservation because dentistry is increasingly moving towards keeping the tooth nerve alive. However, when this is not possible due to severe damage, root canal treatment is performed.

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Pain is the most common symptom indicating the need for root canal treatment, and the causes can be as follows:

  • Deep decay that has advanced to the dental pulp

  • Trauma or fractures to the teeth resulting in exposure of their nerves

  • Periodontal injury affecting the bone supporting and surrounding your teeth

Endodontic treatment stages:

  • CBCT diagnosis and clinical examination

  • Local anesthesia

  • Access and pulp removal

  • Canal cleaning

  • Canal obturation (with or without posts)

  • Coronary obturation

  • Imaging control at certain intervals

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