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The medical activity takes place in a new building located in the center of Cluj-Napoca Municipality, on 21 December 1989 Boulevard, one of the most emblematic thoroughfares of the city, which, following recent modernizations, has become an important landmark for high-quality public space.


The building consists of two connected structures through a charming inner courtyard: a main building facing the boulevard, housing the clinic's main functions, and a secondary building at the southern end, accommodating related functions. The aesthetics of the building blend harmoniously with the public space, with the elegant lines of the main volume facing the boulevard seamlessly integrating into the built environment.

Within the main building, functions are grouped into distinct areas: the ground floor houses a spacious reception area, with large windows facing the boulevard, dominated by the elegance of a reception desk made of natural agate stone and a spectacular lighting installation, consisting of handcrafted translucent glass elements. The reception area continues into a relaxation space for visitors, which opens onto the inner courtyard and creates a pleasant atmosphere in an intimate setting.


The 1st floor is dedicated to children, who benefit from specialized cabinets and a specially designed waiting area. Additionally, the radiology and photo studio are also located here.

The 2nd and 3rd floors host cabinets for various dental specialties, treatment rooms, and related spaces, all organized around the central circulation hub - a staircase and a lift accessible to persons with disabilities. On the top floor, there are offices for management and administrative staff. All spaces on the upper floors offer valuable perspectives of the city through bright windows and spacious terraces that open both towards the public domain and the inner courtyard.

The secondary building houses a dental technology laboratory and a lecture hall, both accessible to visitors from the inner courtyard.

The elegant and simple aesthetics of the building add value and a new identity to the urban landscape. The attention to detail and refinement of the interior design, given by exclusively natural stone and wood finishes, reflect the principle of quality, which is evident throughout the clinic's approach, both in terms of the built environment and medical practice.

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