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But Anca-Elena

Specialist Doctor in Endodontics, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Assistant Professor

Faculty of Dental Medicine (UMF Carol Davila, Bucharest, 2011), Endodontic Specialization (Bucharest, 2014); Dental Prosthetics Doctorate (2020)

Dr. Anca But- Specialist in Endodontics.jpeg


I consider myself fortunate because through what I do, I have the opportunity to express my love for aesthetics and beauty, restoring smiles and self-confidence to patients.

Clinical Experience

After completing my university studies, I practiced in private practice as part of a multidisciplinary team, treating cases of complex aesthetic and functional rehabilitations. I perform general dentistry procedures, endodontic and prosthetic treatments under optical control, using a dental microscope. During my doctoral studies, I focused my research on studying the correlation and interdependence between endodontic and prosthetic treatments, which contributed to my decision to start an academic career.

Personal Thoughts

I believe that passion, dedication, and altruism, along with continuous medical education, are indispensable for shaping a good professional.

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