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Daniel Tălmăceanu

Primary doctor in dento-alveolar surgery, Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Faculty of Dental Medicine (UMF "Iuliu Hațieganu" Cluj-Napoca, 2011), Specialization in Dento-Alveolar Surgery (Cluj-Napoca, 2014), Doctorate in Dental Medicine (2019), Primary in Dento-Alveolar Surgery (2020)

Dr. Daniel Tălmăceanu - Specialist in Dental and Alveolar Surgery and Prosthetics


Good health, peace of mind, outdoor relaxation, camaraderie: all these are wonderful things I find while running. I embrace any philosophy if it's accompanied by good wine, and when time allows, I leaf through history books.

Clinical Experience

10 years of clinical activity in the fields of oro-facial pain, temporomandibular dysfunction, temporomandibular joint pathology, bruxism, dental wear, dento-alveolar surgery, and oral implantology.

Personal Thoughts

The success of a treatment depends, to a large extent, on the professional qualities of the doctor as well as on the interaction between the doctor and the patient. Developing a balanced relationship based on trust and empathy is the guarantee of therapeutic success.

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