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Emanuela Broscățan


Faculty of Balneophysiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation (UMF "Iuliu Hatieganu" Cluj-Napoca 2013)

Physiotherapist Emanuela Broscățan.jpeg


I'm a free spirit enthusiastic about traveling to new places and interacting with people from different cultures. I hold close to my heart the experiences gained through photography. I enjoy intellectual challenges and find relaxation in a good book, a beautiful painting, a warm breeze, and childhood scents.

Clinical Experience

Nearly 9 years of private clinical experience in the rehabilitation of spinal conditions, knee conditions, and management of muscular and joint pains at the temporomandibular joint in all stages.

Personal Thoughts

For me, medicine is an ecosystem where science and faith interact directly, where genius and human limitation coexist, where the deficits of diseases meet the miracle of human function. I feel honoured and grateful to be able to work in such an environment.

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