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Medeea Tălmăceanu

Dental Prosthetics Specialist

Faculty of Dental Medicine (UMF "Iuliu Hațieganu" Cluj-Napoca, 2011), Specialization in Dental Prosthetics (Cluj-Napoca, 2014)

Dr. Medeea Tălmăceanu-  Medic specialist Protetică dentară.jpeg


I enjoy working with passion, spending time with my family, and in my free time, I like to paint or wander around... and oh, I absolutely love lounging with a book in hand!

Clinical Experience

Ten years of clinical experience in the field of dental aesthetics and prosthetics, including prosthetics on implants, occlusology, temporomandibular dysfunction, dental treatments, complex rehabilitations of dental wear, and bruxism.

Personal Thoughts

A doctor-patient relationship based on trust and mutual respect, alongside human and professional qualities, is the key to therapeutic success.

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