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Terms and Conditions



This document (together with all documents mentioned within it) sets forth the terms and conditions governing the use of this website

Please read the Terms, our Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy (collectively referred to as the "Data Protection Policies") before using the Site. By accessing and using this Site, you expressly acknowledge the mandatory nature of the Terms and Data Protection Policies and undertake to comply with these Terms, as well as the Data Protection Policies.

If you do not fully accept the Terms and Data Protection Policies, please do not use this Site.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms or Data Protection Policies, you can contact us at any time at


Clinica Rotar S.R.L. - limited liability company, organized under Romanian law, headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, 21 Decembrie Blvd, No. 80, Cluj County, registered with the Trade Registry attached to Cluj Court under no. J12/5612/2021, having VAT number 45232396, as the operator of the website, hereinafter referred to as Clinica Rotar.

SITE: the domain and its mobile applications.

CONTENT - all information on the site that can be visited, viewed, or otherwise accessed through the use of digital equipment; the content of any newsletter or email sent to Users or Patients by Clinica Rotar via electronic means and/or any other means of communication available; any information communicated through any means by an employee/representative of Clinica Rotar according to the contact information, specified or not by him/her; information related to the products, services, and/or tariffs practiced by Clinica Rotar in a certain period; data related to Clinica Rotar, or other privileged data of Clinica Rotar.

USER - a natural person who has or obtains access to CONTENT through any means (electronic, telephone, etc.).

PATIENT - a natural person who avails of the specialized medical services offered by Clinica Rotar.

NEWSLETTER - the means of periodic, exclusively electronic, information about the products, services, and/or promotions carried out by Clinica Rotar in a certain period, without any commitment on the part of Clinica Rotar with reference to the information contained therein.


The information or personal data provided by the User will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Policies. By using this Site, the User expressly and unequivocally consents to the processing of this information and data and declares that all information and data provided to us are truthful and accurate and that he/she has obtained the prior written consent of the data owner if the information and data provided to us through the Site do not belong to him/her.


By using this Site, the User undertakes to:

Use the contact form on this Site exclusively to send legitimate inquiries to Clinica Rotar.

Provide a correct and accurate email address, postal address, and/or other contact details. Similarly, the User expressly consents to the use of this information to be contacted if necessary (see our Privacy Policy).

By using the site/content, the User is solely responsible for all activities resulting from its use; likewise, he/she is liable for any material, intellectual, or electronic damages or of any other nature caused to the site, content, Clinica Rotar, or any third party with whom Clinica Rotar has concluded contracts, in accordance with the current Romanian legislation.

Unauthorized attempts to access the Site, including but not limited to any attempt to access another User's personal data, modify the content of the site, or affect the performance of the server on which it runs, will be considered attempts to defraud the site and will be reported to the competent authorities, initiating criminal proceedings against anyone who has attempted this. 

Opinions or addresses containing insults or inappropriate language will be excluded from the site or ignored. By using the contact form, the User allows Clinica Rotar to contact him/her through any available means, including electronic means. Partial or complete completion of the contact form and its submission do not represent any commitment on the part of Clinica Rotar to contact the User.

The website uses its own cookies and cookies installed by third parties to provide you with the best possible experience on the site. The cookies used by this Site provide valuable feedback and help us improve the online experience. See details in the Cookie Policy.


This site is protected by copyright. All content on the site, including texts, images, graphics, audio and video files, trademarks, service marks, designs, and industrial models, trade names are the exclusive property of Clinica Rotar and may not be reproduced, modified, transmitted, reused, used, or used publicly or for commercial purposes without obtaining the prior written consent of Clinica Rotar.

Clinica Rotar is the only entity authorized to use the intellectual and industrial property rights and advertising rights associated with them, not granting any license, nor any other right than that to consult the Site.

Any reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of the site or any of its components, regardless of the medium and form, for other purposes, especially commercial ones, is expressly prohibited. Any request for authorization must be sent to the following address: Cluj-Napoca, 21 Decembrie Blvd, No. 80, Cluj. Any unauthorized use, infringement of copyright or other intellectual and industrial property rights may give rise to civil or criminal actions.


Clinica Rotar may send you notifications regarding the company's and Site's (*).ro activity to the email address entered in the notification subscription form or through other means of communication. Receiving notifications entails selecting the appropriate option by completing a form by the User through the site or through Clinica Rotar company campaign page, as well as the unconditional acceptance of the Terms if he/she has not already expressed this agreement.

The data collected from the User for the purpose of sending notifications can and will be used by Clinica Rotar within the limits of the Privacy Policy.

User opt-out of receiving notifications can be made at any time by the following methods:

a) Using the special link within the newsletters.

b) By contacting Clinica Rotar, according to the contact information, without any further obligation of any party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages.

Opting out of receiving notifications does not imply renunciation of the consent given to Clinica Rotar. Clinica Rotar reserves the right to select the individuals to whom it will send notifications and the right to remove from its database any User who has previously consented to receive notifications, without any further commitment from Clinica Rotar or any prior notification to this effect. Clinica Rotar will not include in the notifications sent to the User any other type of advertising material in the form of content referring to any third party that is not a partner of Clinica Rotar at the time of sending the bulletin.


The use of the Site and its content or any service through the Site is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Romania, and the User agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Romania.

Any conflict between Clinica Rotar and another party is subject to an amicable resolution. If no common ground is reached through this method, the jurisdiction belongs to the courts of Cluj-Napoca.


These Terms and any document expressly referred to constitute the entire agreement between the User and Clinica Rotar regarding the subject matter of any Contract and replace any other agreement, any other understanding, or any other previous verbal or written arrangement between the User and Clinica Rotar. Clinica Rotar reserves the right to make any modifications to these provisions, as well as any modifications to the Site/its structure, including modifications that may affect the Site and/or any content without prior notice to the User. Any change will be considered fully and unconditionally accepted by any of the Users by the mere use or access (navigation) of any page of the site occurred anytime after the modification.


Clinica Rotar is not responsible for any errors that may appear on the Site for any reason, including changes, settings, etc., made by the Site administrator.

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