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"Clinica Rotar" represents the fourth generation in the series of private dental institutions developed in Cluj-Napoca.


2003 -2012

Initiated by Prof. Dr. Alexandru Rotar and Dr. Maria Rotar at the beginning of 1992 as a private dental clinic, our services experienced development and expansion throughout the 1990s.

The constant increase in demand for services, the development of the Romanian economic environment, and our desire for progress have led to the expansion of the clinic into a new location starting in 2003. In 2004, SC. MedArtis Dent. SRL was established, led by Dr. Horațiu Rotar, which served as the economic umbrella under which our services continued to develop.


2012 - 2022

The year 2012 marked a turning point in the development of our services when, with the help of non-reimbursable European funds and an expanded partnership, we developed the most modern multidisciplinary dental clinic in Cluj-Napoca.

2022 - present

The professional quality of our services has led to a constant increase in demand, and today, we find ourselves in a new location, adapted to the requirements of modern dentistry and the needs of our patients, combining professional quality with a special ambiance and atmosphere. The professional team led by Prof. Dr. Horațiu Rotar and Dr. Diana Rotar, drawing on the experience of two generations of dental doctors and three generations of private medical institutions, offers personalized dental services with stable long-term results aimed at enhancing the quality of life.

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